Custom Made

wheelchairs designed to fit all dog breeds, shapes and sizes 


high quality materials that make for long lasting, highly maneuverable products 

Sleek Design 

wide selection of color and decorations (ask us)


About us

Alexitabull - wheelchairs for dogs, was born, when our beloved dog Alex has suffered an accident leaving her back paws paralyzed.

We set out to find the best solution to help her deal with her new disability. 

Consulting with rehabilitation experts and applying our knowledge of woodworking and manufacturing, we were able to create a wheelchair made of lightweight, durable material, that can handle any terrain safely and reliably.


Adjusting wheelchairs for dozens of handicapped pets, we gathered the knowledge to answer the needs of those suffering from a wide range of mobility difficulties. 

Whether its old age, trauma or they're just born with it, your pup can have a full, happy life with just a little bit of help.

As member of the handicapped pets owners community, we are always here for any question tip or guidance whenever you need it! So feell free to Contact us.

The process is easy

1. Meet

Contact us to set up a meeting to get to know each other 

2. Measure

We take some measurements to evaluate the best design based on height, weight and condition

3. Make

Based on gathered information we start working the best suited wheelchair

4. Adjust 

You come in for a final fitting and consultation and you're set to go!

 Contact us to

Order yours

Tel: +972 52-881-7841 •

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Address: Woodstudio, Hadassah Neurim, Beit Yanai, Israel 


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+972 52-881-7841 

Address: Woodstudio, Hadassah Neurim, Beit Yanai, Israel 4020000 


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